Monday, 14 June 2010

It's week 4 and I can have a meal a day - aaarh real food for a while :)

I am now at the start of week 4 and have lost 13lbs so far. I am so excited that I have had a great weight loss so am carrying on an looking forward to the next stone coming off!

It was a bit hard at the weekend as I went to my brother's and they all enjoyed a delicious chilli followed by a lovely French apple tart ad cream and lots of nice French bread and cheese while I had soups and shakes! However I made through and now it's week 4 and I can add a meal a day!

I can have 3oz of chicken, turkey, ham, tuna plus some other options and unlimited amounts from a list of vegetables, garlic, balsamic & tobasco! Tonight I had a huge slad of spinach, peppers, cucumber and mushrooms with two slices of ham - BLISS!

Looking forward to telling you I have lost more - I feel so much better, some of my clothes are looser and it's all great!

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