Sunday, 30 May 2010

Hi everyone

It's now day 7 and I have lost a fantastic 7lbs , it seems as if I am loosing 1lb a day now which is so motivating - I am really encouraged to carry on. Some of the meal packs are better than others, so I'll be more selective when I order my next lot of packs. The last couple of days I have had porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch and then a main meal pack plus a shake made into a kind of cross between and Angel Delight and custard ( you just add less water) so I have felt as if I am having a pud!

I can honestly say I haven't felt hungry once, in fact some days I have had to make myself have a soup pack fro lunch!

My jeans feel more comfortable, my bra's don't dig in as much and all round I feel much better - no side effects at all.

Alice is home this weekend and she says you can definitely see a bit of difference already!

So will keep it going and when I next blog I will hopefully have lost more again!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Well it's day one and so far so good, although it's only the first day! I weighed myself to get my start weight, had porridge which tasted like baby food - not that great and even the cats didn't want to lick the bowl (!), then a spicy tomato soup for lunch which was OK, a cafe late shake at 4pm and tonight I'm having Spaghetti Bolognese ( not sure it will be a nice as it sounds) then for my treat I can have a half pint of skimmed milk, which can be used through the day in tea/ coffee but, as I drink mine black I'm going to have a nice milky drink!

It's all been fine today, I haven't felt hungry at all - have drunk over 2 litres of water - and have peed A LOT!

So I'll leave it a couple of days then post again, so you can hear how it's going a few days in xxxx

Sunday, 23 May 2010

First blog about my diet!

This is the first blog of my diet story which I really hope will have a happy ending!

I am going to be really honest on this blog which I will do as often as I can, in order to help me reach the end of what will be a long road to travel.

For the last few years I have been yoyo dieting and now have reached a weight which I am very unhappy with, and which is beginning to affect my health - my blood pressure is up and my Doctor keeps telling me that I have to loose weight.

Alice and I are going back to the beautiful island of Hydra again this year at the beginning of August; I don't want to be the fattest bird on the beach again!

Anyway, I have tried lots of diets, most often - Weight Watchers which has always been successful, but this time I am going drastic ( instead of going large!!) and as two work colleagues have already tried this weight loss program very successfully, I am going to do 'All about W8'. This diet comprises meal replacements with shakes, and re-hydrated meals in very small proportions - and nothing else. It's going to be hard but the weight loss should be quite rapid. My aim is to do this until my holiday then come back and go back to Weight Watchers and a more sensible long term achievable regime.

So, when I have lost my weight, I will tell you what my start weight was, but until then I will tell you that I want to loose several stone!

So wish me luck tomorrow - MONDAY 24th MAY - when I start my diet and I'll be blogging again in the week to tell you how it's going and what it's like xxx