Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Into week 5 and still going strong

I can't believe that I am now into week 5 already!

Last week I had a week of adding a meal each night - this was harder than it seems - I found it quite difficult eating the four meal packs plus a 'meal' but of course managed it as its part of the regime. I have found that its an absolute must to drink the 2-3 litres of water as this really does seem to make the weight go faster.

So the all important news is that I am now 17lbs lighter - hooray for me :) I am now making myself not weigh myself too often as I was beginning to be o bit obsessed and doing it every morning.......

I wore a skirt yesterday that I bought last year - actually I ordered it and when it came it was too tight but I reallllllly liked it (!) so I kept it thinking 'I will get into that skirt" - crazy crazy woman - anyway it is now very comfortable; I need to keep wearing it otherwise it will be too big! I am writing this bog wearing a pink shirt I love and it's quite loose which is nice in this weather but, it's very low cut so it wouldn't be that great if I wore it out! Someone I hadn't seen for several weeks saw me today and said you could really see I have lost 'loads of weight" - I was really chuffed.

My next challenge will be on Saturday when I am going to a BBQ - I will be the sado with the shake - no only joking as I am so keen to keep on going - and I am feeling great - still no side effects.

New blog coming soon x

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