Sunday, 30 May 2010

Hi everyone

It's now day 7 and I have lost a fantastic 7lbs , it seems as if I am loosing 1lb a day now which is so motivating - I am really encouraged to carry on. Some of the meal packs are better than others, so I'll be more selective when I order my next lot of packs. The last couple of days I have had porridge for breakfast, soup for lunch and then a main meal pack plus a shake made into a kind of cross between and Angel Delight and custard ( you just add less water) so I have felt as if I am having a pud!

I can honestly say I haven't felt hungry once, in fact some days I have had to make myself have a soup pack fro lunch!

My jeans feel more comfortable, my bra's don't dig in as much and all round I feel much better - no side effects at all.

Alice is home this weekend and she says you can definitely see a bit of difference already!

So will keep it going and when I next blog I will hopefully have lost more again!

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