Monday, 24 May 2010

Well it's day one and so far so good, although it's only the first day! I weighed myself to get my start weight, had porridge which tasted like baby food - not that great and even the cats didn't want to lick the bowl (!), then a spicy tomato soup for lunch which was OK, a cafe late shake at 4pm and tonight I'm having Spaghetti Bolognese ( not sure it will be a nice as it sounds) then for my treat I can have a half pint of skimmed milk, which can be used through the day in tea/ coffee but, as I drink mine black I'm going to have a nice milky drink!

It's all been fine today, I haven't felt hungry at all - have drunk over 2 litres of water - and have peed A LOT!

So I'll leave it a couple of days then post again, so you can hear how it's going a few days in xxxx

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